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I want a planning system that ensures poorly designed developments don’t get built.

I want to endorse the Planning for People charter As Individual As Organisation

A planning system that thinks of both today and tomorrow

  • that is built on fairness, equity and Ecologically Sustainable Development;
  • that guides quality development to the right places;
  • that ensures poorly designed developments don’t get built;
  • that prevents building in the wrong place from happening;
  • that protects the things that matter – open space and bushland, productive agricultural land, historic town centres and buildings.

Read the complete Charter

Protet what matters: Good Planning Charter for NSW

Planning for People: A Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW (the Charter) is a 2 page document that sets a community vision, key principles and desired outcomes for good planning in NSW.

The Charter is accompanied by a Companion document that details these principles and outcomes, as well as some of the mechanisms through which the Charter could be implemented.

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